Special Offer for Construction Site Protection
  • 3 and abovesecurity posts: 140 rubles/hour* (ammunition, special devices, and catering to be provided at the expense of the Contractor)
  • 6 and abovesecurity posts: 135 rubles/hour* (ammunition, special devices (with the exception of radio stations, which are supplied at the expense of the Customer), and catering to be at the expense of the Contractor)
  • 7 and abovesecurity posts: 130 rubles/hour* (clothing and catering to be provided at the expense of the Contractor; special devices and radio stations - at the expense of the Customer)
  • 10 and abovesecurity posts: 120 rubles/hour* (ammunition, special devices, and catering to be provided at the expense of the Customer)
  • Escorting of construction materials: 2,000 rubles/hour*
  • Perimeter patrol with working dogs: 130 rubles/hour*

Do you have any questions on this special offer? Please contact Mr. Andrey Belov, Head of our Security Department.

  • Phone: +7 (499) 760-03-13
  • Mobile phone: +7 (968) 894-31-47
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  • skype: marketing-aslp

* Basic prices only:the final cost will be determined upon evaluation of the facility to be protected by our expert – this serviceis FREE OF CHARGE. Our employee will determine the optimum number of security posts and their location, the need for special devices etc that are required for the provision of security services.

Construction site security

SLP Association provides a full range of services in the field of protection for various facilities, including construction sites. The Association of Security and Legal Protection Enterprises (SLP) performs the following tasks during the protection of construction facilities:

  1. Ensuring the safety of equipment, construction materials, and other valuables.
  2. Suppressing unauthorized entry to the construction site.
  3. Providingaccess control for vehicles, and patrolling the perimeter of the site.

It should be noted that various buildings and structures under construction are an attractive target for all sorts of criminals. Firstly this is due to the fact that, because the facility is not completed, it is easier to penetrate. And secondly the facility stores a large number of construction materials of high material value.

Our company ensures the protection of all types of construction sites, including both individual buildings and structures and whole complexes located at the construction site.

We provide comprehensive security services for the facilities to be protected:

  • by means of the physical presence of our employees at the facility;
  • by means of the installation of security, fire alarm and video surveillance system equipment.

Practice shows that the integrated approach to protection organization allows, on the one hand, ensuring the security of the facility and, on the other hand, to minimize its cost.

During protection of construction sites ASLP is guided by the following principles:

  1. Protection must be active and preventive in nature: threats need to be identified before they become dangerous.
  2. The rational use of human and technical resources. The organization of facility protection must take into account the situation specific to the facility. On basis of this the relevant technical means, the location of security posts, the patrolling schedule etc are selected.

SLP means the reliable protection of construction sites.