About the Company

About The Association of Security and Legal Protection Enterprises (SLP)

The Association of Security and Legal Protection Enterprises (SLP) has operated in the security services market since 2002. For 14 years our company has proven itself to be a reliable and beneficial partner. Our experienced specialists will provide comprehensive security for any facility and constant control of the situation. Theywill also ensure animmediate response in the event ofpotential danger. The provision of security services extends to the real estate of legal entities and individuals as well astangible assets in transit. Private security and office protection are also possible.

The main structural SLP units are the PSC (until 2009 PSE). The PSE task is the development and the application of advanced, integrated security measures for commercial companiesacting in all business spheres as well asprotecting the private interests of individuals.

SLP PSE: basic principles of our activity

  • Professionalism, efficiency
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Non-disclosure of information about work and personal interests of the customer
  • 24/7 customer support

In the course of business activitiescircumstancesmay emerge that require the assistance of PSEs. By entrusting our PSE professionals with control over the protection of enterprises, private property, and material resources, it is possible to ensure the safety of the property and real estate in a timely manner, as well as to support law and order and prevent attacks on the property.

Such measures includethe combined actions of security personnel in order to achieve common goals.We will develop an effective work procedure taking into account the particularbusiness features of each company, and potential internal and external threats. OurPSEemployeeswill explore the protected facility for any potential factors of vulnerability that can be quickly eliminated. The action system is based on the prevention principle rather than the principle of dealing with outcomes. The safety plan involves the creation of a regime in the facility that will make criminal activity byintruders impossible. Our PSC (until 2009 PSE) will be able to develop the optimum procedure for providingmaximum protection for people and resources. We guarantee to perform our obligations as aprovider of protection servicesof a high-quality.

Security guards from SLP private security enterprises have passed special professional training. They possessextensive work experience, licenses and skills that are necessary for the effective implementation of security tasks. The employees of our PSEs, who provide for the inviolability of institutions, enterprises, banks, cargoes andmaterial assets undergo compulsory certification and special training on a regular basis. They operate any technical equipment and weapons perfectly and they have mastered various self-defense methods. The immediate response team consists of well-trained professionals.

Our PSCs offer the following security services in Moscow and the Moscow region:

  1. Protection of the life and health of individuals - we can provide protection for both individuals and delegations. This service is required not only in extreme situations, but also when dangerous events can be predicted.
  2. The emergency response (RRT):special buttons are installed in the customer’s premises.When clicked these buttons send a signal to the security group. Within five to seven minutes a group of highly skilled and well-equipped professionals (RRT) prepared to prevent unlawful acts will arrive at the place from which the call was received.
  3. The protection of facilities:the employees of the private security enterprise possess extensive knowledge and use proven methods in order to ensure the safety of protected facilities of varying complexity:
    - offices, office premises, and business centers;
    - banks; - shopping centers, shopping malls;
    - warehousing and manufacturing facilities; - construction sites; - shopping areas (shops, pavilions etc.); - residential buildings (apartments, hotels, rural property etc.).

    While developing measures for the protection of life and work of the customers, our PSE experts pay special attention to all important details taking into account the large number of external and internal threats, the crime situation in the area of the protected facilities.

  4. Cargo escorting in Moscow and Russia by SLP PSEs: we guarantee complete confidentiality and the security of the transported goods or equipment.
  5. Canine service: we can use specially trained dogs in the course of the provision of security services.

    The SLP Association provides reliable, top-quality protection services, comfort, and highly qualified PSE personnel.

Our contact details:

  • Phone: +7 (495) 989-87-01
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.