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Warehouse Protection

Warehouse protection includes a package of security measures to counter theft, stealing or damaging the property in the storage facility. The warehouses usually contain a large number of different material and commodity valuables; also the area of the facility can be vast.

The Protection of Storage Facilities

In order to provide for the integrity of the property at the facility, it is necessary to consider contracting a professional security service that can successfully combine the technical means and the methods of effective physical protection.

Storage facilities protection includes a detailed study of the facility in order to identify its most vulnerable locations from a safety point of view. This is followed by selection of the optimum technical equipment for each particular warehouse, and a draft of the facility security system is developed. It is also possible to enhance security by providing a checkpoint, where the guards will be present to prevent illegal invasion of the facility by unauthorized persons as well as the illegal removal of property from the facility.

Due to the fact that there are more than a few thousand of such storage points in Moscow, the protection of warehouses is particularly important nowadays when a high crime rate gives a lot of trouble to owners of businesses and companies.

In order to improve security in warehouses, we suggest that an accesscontrol system be installed; that the perimeter be patrolled; and that security be provided in the entire protected area.

SLP PSC employees can prevent attempts of the warehouse employees and visitors to steal the goods; they can also maintain order on the site and carry out inspection of goods and technical equipment, as well as perform the inspection of personal belongings of employees. With the help of modern video surveillance systems the warehouse can be made secure in the best way possible.