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Security System

SLP Association is glad to offer its customers the use of canine services. Canine services improve the reliability of protecting any facility and minimize the possibility of human and technical errors.

Canine services represent a qualitatively new level of protection of the facility that leads to quick apprehension of criminals.

It is worth selecting canine services because dogs are able to quickly and accurately take the trail, to detect the location of the offender and dangerous items. The dog handlers provide effective protection of the area during any time of the day. Facilities protected with the use of a canine service are rarely attacked as the dogs cause fear in violators.

The provision of canine services by ASLP solves the following tasks:

  • The protection of any facilities (warehouses, bases, terminals, manufacturing facilities, residential and country houses, parking lots, cottage settlements) with the use of dogs;
  • Patrolling in the dark and during daylight hours;
  • The accompanying and the protection of cargo during transportation;
  • The provision of safety at public events, conferences, meetings, and festivals.

The canine service package includes the following costs: dog food, according to established standards, the organization of its feeding, veterinary care, the installation and fitting of dog enclosures, the acquisition of collars, leashes, muzzles, anddog dishes for food and water.

A visit by our experts to your facility for advice is free of charge.

Types of canine servicesrendered:

  • The patrolling of the facility (performed by the dog handler with the dog). The security post is equipped with a dog enclosure (with a kennel).
  • Guarding at a stationary checkpoint provides protection for small areas (within a radius of 5 meters - to the length of the dog’s leash) of the territory against the intrusion of unauthorized persons.
  • Guarding at a mobile checkpoint. This is used to protect the area through a corridor controlled by the dog. This checkpoint is equipped with multiple columns with braces and a rope stretched between them (the dog kennel (shed) is located in the middle of the route) and the dog runs the entire length of the cable within the length of the rope attached to the leash.
  • Unleashed guarding (this refers to the work of the dog without a leash indoors or within a fenced-off area at night or after the working hours.

As a bonus, the professional dog handler can be employed at two checkpoints, which enables a significant reduction in price. We are ready to provide long-term cooperation on terms that are favorable for our customers.