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Protection of Banks

Moscow is the largest city and political center as well as the center of business life and entrepreneurship. Every day, the banks of the capital transfer large amounts of money that are attractive to potential burglars. Banks receive savings from individuals and legal entities and constantly perform thousands of banking transactions.

The protection of banks

As the presence of a considerable amount of money has always made a desirable target for criminals planning a robbery, the protection of banks has been and still is an important aspect of providing the safety of property and money, valuables, and documents.

The main threats to any bank are the following: armed robbery, acts of terrorism, and organized crime. The presence of security in the banking room becomes a guarantee of protection of both the bankpersonnel and the material assets stored in this bank.

It is worth remembering that the material and monetary assets that are most susceptible to stealing are those in transit. In this case, we recommend contracting an armed cash logistics service.

The bank security service will be able to determine whether it is vulnerable to the activity of con men, whoexploit a stressful environment, as well as that of criminals who attempt to remove money from ATMs. Only specially trained security guards employed by ASLP PSEs watch visitors both in person and through the use of modern video surveillance systems. They will help expose the criminal actions of con men, criminals, terrorism-minded individuals in time and predict the development of a dangerous situation in time to respond to it. In the most extreme cases security can act without delay and detain criminals with the use of a variety of special devices and by calling for backup.

It is dangerous to neglect the protection of a banking institution; in this case, it can lead not only to considerable financial losses, but also to seriously injured victims among the employees.