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Office protection

Nowadays comprehensive office protection is becoming an important factor in ensuring the security of property of any private company. ASLP specialists can protect the enterprise employees and material assetsagainst criminal attacks and vandalism, as well as against trespassing by unauthorized persons and the theft of property.

The Protection of Office Premises

Almost every office of firms and companies in Moscow contains expensive equipment, raw materials, valuables, exclusive software, confidential information, and crucial documents. Only the effective protection of office premisescarried out by security agency employees can prevent crimes and provide top-quality protection of all of the above. The security issues of any Moscow company can be solved with the help of special technical equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Our professional security guards can provide office and business center security through the physical presence of personnel at the facility and through the use of modern technologies. Experienced personnel can provide office protection against thefts, willful property damage, and the misuse of equipment. They can prevent fire at the premises in a timely manner; in emergency situations security personnel can provide invaluable assistance in the evacuation and preservation of the property, documents, and valuables, repel the attackers, and prevent the fire from spreading.

The physical presence of the security guards during the day will help organize the evacuation and operational work to rescue your company personnel. Office premises protection can be performed through the continuous presence of our security personnel at the facility or on schedule-based shifts.

The physical presence of professional security guards at the facility markedly improves the image of any company and will save its material assets and the lives of its employees.