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Mobile response

The protection of any facility often includes emergency situations, the optimal solution for which is the rapid response team.

With the increasing level of crime, the correct decision for the protection of your company, firm or production's property,together with a significant reduction in the resulting costs, is to contract the services of professional security guards and rapid response teams. The objectives of the RRTsubdivision include protection of the life and health of company employees, the preservation of valuables, equipment and financial assets.

Protection by the rapid response team

There are many important sites in Moscow that store material and cultural valuables, information,documents, and substantial sums of money. The optimum security solution for all of the above is the remote security service. It involves special equipment installation in areas designated for protection and the constant 24/7 monitoring of possible alarm system activation. The ASLP rapid response team immediately answers the call; in the event of the triggering of the installed alarm system or the pressing of a special "panic" button the team arrives at the site and takes the necessary measures to eliminate the threat.

Such groups are equipped with all necessary means to facilitate the provision of rapid, high-quality and professional assistance in emergency situations: the rapid response teams have special motor vehicles, communication means, and defense equipment; all team members are well trained and armed; they have experience in dealing with such situations and can repel criminals.

Remote security for facilities

The remote security of facilities permits the timely reception of an emergency signal from all over Moscow; then the security guards arrive at the location within a few minutes.

The employees can provide the necessary physical support and prevent a variety of potential threats from criminals.

The 24/7 alert mode allows the group to be ready to arrive at the scene of the law violation on a 24-hour basis in order to prevent unlawful acts from occurring; this group of guards can be used as an additional support for stationary security posts.

This type of service provides reliable protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances because the ASLP rapid response team includes exceptionally strong and experienced personnel with operational skills under all types of unusual conditions. The protection of property, people, and personal life with the help of such services is the optimum and the most cost-efficient option for individuals and legal entities.