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Construction Site protection

Construction site protectionis a labor-intensive task in view of the presence of large quantities of materials and equipment at construction sites. Only professionals can protect such facilities.

Moscow is a major metropolis that is rapidly growing due to numerous construction projects. Every construction site usually contains not only valuable decorative and construction materials but also expensive high-tech equipment for the implementation of construction works.

During all stages of the construction of the facility it is necessary to ensureadequate protection of the construction site and the protection of the buildup area by means of comprehensive actions implemented by ASLP PSC employees.

The Protection of Buildup Areas

At the primary stage of the construction security can be achieved through maintenance of the fencing, monitoring of lighting serviceability at the construction site, and the inviolability of safety of the premises and the residential huts. The construction facility is also protected through care about the safety of the machinery and equipment, fuels and lubricants, cables, and electrical equipment.

As the building is raised there emerges a need to protect construction materials and equipment, and it becomes necessary to pay attention to controlling the importation and the exportation of materials and equipment. At various stages of the construction there emerges a need for enhanced security of the buildup area. During these periods ASLP security personnel will cooperate closely with the employees responsible for commodity stocks and supplies.

During the finishing stage the task of the security personnel becomes more complicated due to the increased attention to be paid to the installation of the new equipment and to finishing materials, which become attractive for criminals because of their high cost.

As the number of workers and pieces of equipment increases access to valuable materials is enabled; this causes security personnel at the construction site to enhance their alertness. It is necessary to clearly organize reception and delivery at the facility and for the secure keepingof numerous valuables, to ensure their inaccessibility at storage locations, and to develop the access and on-sitemodes.