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Commercial Complex protection

The protection of commercial centers and shopping malls is of special importance for large cities, where the safety of residents and property at points of sale may be under threat.

Nowadays the protection of shops and points of sale is relevant to any city as these facilities can be potentially dangerous because of the special conditions that are conducive to major crimes.

The Protection of Shopping centers

Because any shopping center is visited by a huge number of people every day and it holds impressive amounts of cash and a large number of products, shopping centers may be most attractive to attackers and vulnerable in terms of security.

The shopping center automatically has all favorable conditions for illegal activities; criminals can benefit from the congestion of people and commit robberies, thefts, cause damage to the property and commit acts of terrorism and vandalism. In order to ensure all-inclusiveshopping centerprotection, we suggest that you be aware that wrongful acts are performed not only by negligent visitors of the shopping centers but also by those who like easy pickings while working as the employees of these outlets at the same time. Moscow houses the largest number of trade facilities, offices, and business centers, which must be reliably protected against potential violators.

Therefore the protection of shopping centers is one of the most difficult, critical, and labor-intensive tasks, which can be effectively solved by professional security guards

The Protection of Business Centers and Offices

Any point of sale has its office that contains a great number of documents and valuables. Numerous buildings with business centers within also attract the attention of criminals and gangs who plan the theft of property and the stealing of money or equipment.

The protection of office centers and points of sale, which is carried out with the assistance of trained professionals and ASLP agency technical resources, includes not only maintaining order and theprevention ofdisruptive behavior,but it also provides reliable security for shopping centers, offices and premises where the employees of these stores work.

It involves the suppression of attempts to steal property, the preservation of property, and the maintenance of the successful operation of the facility. ASLP PSE specialists will help develop and implement the most appropriate system of security measures for your facility.