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Cargo Escorting

Numerous supply routes pass through Moscow. Particular features of the transport of important cargoes require extensive training. Only a comprehensive approach can ensure the security of tangible assets transported by means of vehicles.

The cargo escorting refers to a set of specific measures aimed at the protection and preservation of goods in transit.

Cargo Protection

In the course of organizing support for different transportation routes, preliminary analytical work is implemented that takes into account all the features of the transported cargo - the quantity, the value, the character of the vehicle, study of the route and all the points of receipt and delivery of the cargo. Databases of vehicles and drivers as well as all other persons related to the transportation of this cargo are created. Consequent actions regarding all organizational matters are coordinated with the customer. Then the safest and the most optimal route is worked out; moreover, this route is developed by considering the locations of traffic police service stations, vehicle service stations, andrecreation places for drivers.

Armed Cargo Escort in the Russian Federation

Cargo escorting performed by ASLP personnel will be safe and highly qualified, as all our employees possess working experience and are distinguished by their power, excellent response, and speed. The companies that carry considerable material assets and resources should think about contracting the services of armed cargo escorting. ASLP security personnel, who are equipped with all the necessary equipment (special devices, protective equipment, and modern combat duty weapons), will be able to prevent damage to property, equipment or assets by third parties, their plunder or theft. Armed cargo escorting is performed only by top-notch professionals that have undergone special training.

The protection of cargo in Moscow and the Russian Federation can be performed as follows: security company employees will take care of the proper protection of the transported cargo and valuables by motor vehicles, trains, airplanes, and sea-going ships. There is also the possibility of escorting a variety of oversized goods.

Regardless of the method selectedtodeliver your goods it is best to seek the services of ASLP's professional and highly qualified security guards, which will serve as an additional guarantee of the integrity of your cargo throughout the journey.