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Bodyguard Protection

Bodyguard protection, which is our most popular service, includes a set of activities carried out by ASLP agencybodyguards in cooperation with PSC subdivisions.

Thanks to a serious approach to the selection of our personnel, compulsory special education, and the regular training of our employees, we at ASLP can guarantee a high level of bodyguard protection services. These days the safety of life is especially in demand among those who value it. Since Moscow is a large city, which is most suitable for business developmentand residence, protection services forbusinessmen, politicians, show business celebrities, business people, managers of banks and reputable companies, as well as other individuals, will always be popular and necessary.

The Protection of Privacy

The possibility to work successfully and lead a productive life is ensured by means of a wide range of activities, the most important among which are as follows:

  • the organization and development of measures for the protection of the individual;
  • the organization of 24/7 surveillance of the customer’s apartment or house;
  • immediate intervention in the event of unforeseen circumstances;
  • safety inspection of the client’s arrival locations;
  • the surveillance of locations that are frequently visited by the individual;
  • the discovery of locations that are potentially dangerous and suitable for the preparation of attempts upon his/her life, as well as the prevention of such attempts.

Only through the use of the entire set of preventive measures can one completely prevent any threatand provide top-quality bodyguard protection.

In order not to incur financial losses, not to risk your health and the health of your family members, it is better to entrust your safety to the professionals, who can provide the full range of protection under all circumstances.

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Bodyguard

A trained bodyguard will easily take care of safety both during recreational and business trips as well as at the client’s residence. The protection of privacy can be performed as a one-off or on a permanent basis. The careful selection of our personnel for the protection of individuals allows our employees to contract only highly qualified professionals, who are able not only to analyze dangerous situations but also to predict their likely evolution and thus to prevent attack and take the necessary organizational steps to protect the customer.

The safety of your life is a necessity that should not be neglected.