Мы покупаем охранные организации, действующие договора на охрану объектов, рассматриваем партнерство и приветствуем посредников. Подробнее
Particularities of Delegation Bodyguard Protection

Meeting and the provision of security to delegations and individuals at railway stations and airports; accompanying them to hotels and facilities - these are one of the branches of activities our company is involved in. Meeting and accompanying delegations can be organized with the use of transport means and bodyguard protection.

Highly skilled ASLP guards can prevent any unforeseen situation that is associated with the arrival of guests from foreigncountries or other cities,as well as reliably protect all delegation members.

SLP employees have been thoroughly tested and trained. They are equipped with everything necessary in order to ensure the safety of arrived guests. Field work skills, a good physical condition, and knowledge of protection methods are the distinctive features of our personnel, who are put in charge of meeting and protecting delegations. 

In order to make an international meeting or a business meeting run smoothly, the best option is to entrust the protection of individuals and groups to our professional security guards. ASLP agency will provide top-notch bodyguard protection for delegations and VIPs!